Best VPNs for 2021 (100% Safe and Secure)

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Best VPNs for 2021 (100% Safe and Secure)

Best VPNs for 2021 (100% Safe and Secure)

Best VPNs for 2021 (100% Safe and Secure)
A VPN (Virtual Private Network or Virtual Private Network) is an indispensable tool for digital privacy on the Internet. Unfortunately not many free VPN service providers are trustworthy, secure, and reliable. We understand, that some people want a VPN for protection. So we searched extensively for the best free VPNs for 2021.

Let's dive into more details about VPN

It is important for you to understand that although the free VPN in this guide is some of the best free VPNs for 2021, being free makes it limited and somewhat restrictive. To get a much better service than online privacy protection, check out this VPN. However, unlike many free VPN services available in the market that can deal with your private data in an unsafe or suspicious way, or even sell it to third-party well-known companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and other companies, these VPN sites are worthy. With confidence, and extensively tested by experts.

TunnelBear is an excellent, good quality VPN site and a lot of people enjoy it because of its fun and easy to handle design they keep no logs, which makes it great for security. In fact, the privacy policy of this company is very tight, which makes this free VPN reliable to use to obtain privacy and security on the Internet and there is another positive aspect to the free subscription which is that it allows users to access all VPN servers sites on the VPN network, but Unfortunately, you cannot use the free option for more than 500MB of browsing the Internet per month only. However, you can get a little more when you share the site on social networks!

Hide Home is a VPN provider in Malaysia that offers a free plan where users can choose between 28 servers in 22 countries around the world. The connection speeds are strong and the security is great thanks to the open VPN encryption and you are not anxious about the use. Usage is governed by a fair use policy of up to 2 GB per month only, which is a very reasonable number in the free subscription, which is certainly enough to get some privacy when you really need it or to open a site that is not currently available in your country.

As is the case with all VPN sites on our list, this VPN has limitations so, if you use the internet a lot then you might use a VPN with unlimited data. That is why we love to hide and feel that it is one of the best free VPN sites in 2021.

VyprVPN is a free Canadian VPN service provider which is very similar to TunnelBear. Of course, except that VyprVPN is owned and operated by GoldenFrog.

VyprVPN applications are very easy to use and easy to deal with through the mobile or website, and they may provide you with more strong protection and privacy, and we did not notice any speed problems on any free or paid plan. This free version provides you with 2 GB of data, but you can increase this by recommending this site to your friends and family such as referrals, and of course the paid plan is better than the free and its price starts at a reasonable price for each person only a small amount is good and it seemed from only $ 6.67 per month.


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